Welcome to Room 161!

This year in grade 3 and 4 we are going to be participating in a variety of learning activities to expand our knowledge and experiences. Most of these activities will be completed at school; however, there are some that will need to be completed at home. I want to thank you, the parents and guardians of the 161ers, for being a part of your child’s learning journey by helping the with their work at home. Some activities students will be working on at home are Home Reading, T.U.S.C, spelling words, math practice and gathering science design project materials.

Welcome to 161’s Classroom Blog!

Hello and Welcome to Room 161’s classroom blog!

Here you will find information about your child’s learning – activities we have done, are doing, or planning to do, as well as updates about goals we have set and/or reached, and progress reports. Here you will also find information about important upcoming events and deadlines, as well information and links to help you with your child’s homework.

I look forward to meeting with everyone, hearing about your summers and gearing up for the new school year!

Let’s jump start into an excellent learning year!

Mrs. Voss